December 7, 2010

Unknown, Talk to Unknown

A very unflattering photo of the band
There is something about Karen O. the front-woman of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that is so mesmerizing and sultry and crazy all at once. I can’t say I’ve been to one of their live shows but the word on the wire is that they’re insane. Like almost The Flaming Lips good. And the Flaming Lips have Wayne Coyne walking on top of the audience in a plastic bubble. But that is for another day.

This is about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and their awesome third album It’s Blitz! Released in 2009. If you had ears last year there is no doubt in my mind that you heard at least one of their hits, “Zero” “Heads Will Roll” or “Skeletons.” Indeed rather dark and morbid sounding titles but the music is quite the opposite. A perfect mix of punk attitude and electro melodies, make this a great listen from beginning to end. “Soft Shock” is slightly more subdued and has Karen O. in quieter singing mode. Although it feels like she could explode at any moment. I would also like to add that the drummer, Brian Chase has the most awesome drumming style. Check out any of their videos. He’s so on point and looks classy as fuck the entire time.

“Soft Shock” from It’s Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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