December 3, 2010

I Wanna Lamp, I Wanna Be In The Shade

I have no idea where I found the El Michels Affair album Enter the 37th Chamber but wherever it came from it changed how I listen to the Wu-Tang Clan. The album is a set of instrumental reinterpretations of classic Wu songs. Every song is on point and gives a new perspective on these modern day classics, but “Can It All Be So Simple” is so soulful with such a hot groove, blaring horns and keys that… I don’t even know; they’re just too good to describe, but they'll keep your head nodding through to the next track. I highly recommend the whole album and everything El Michels Affair has done in the past. These guys know funk.

I could have written the whole post about the OG version off Enter the Wu but honestly, who hasn’t heard that song and read countless analyses of it. So instead I went with the El Michels version but I’m also going to link to the original Wu video. Pay close attention to Rae and Ghost during the daytime scenes. Not only is it exactly how I picture them hanging out, but Raekwon shows so much grimey charisma that every word he raps you can feel. I could watch the video on mute and know exactly what they were thinking while recording the song: "lets tell it like it is."

"Can It All Be So Simple" From Enter the 37th Chamber by El Michels Affair 

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