December 4, 2010

Do-do-do do do do-do-do do-do-do do do do-do dooooo

“What does it Take” a cover of Jr. Walker & The Allstars’ hit of the same name was released in 1967 on Alton Ellis’ debut album, Mr. Soul of Jamaica—a mix of covers and originals. Ellis ushered in a new genre of music with this album called Rcoksteady, which gave him the nickname, “The Godfather of Rocksteady.” In the Allstars’ original, Walker’s sax solos in between choruses dominate the song but Ellis mixes it up, keeping it more authentically rocksteady-ish and playing an interpretation of the sax melody on a guitar. This coupled with super-soulful background singers with their “do do do do’s” and that traditional reggae guitar rhythm provides for a relaxing yet powerfully emotional song that closes out one of the best debut albums.

"What Does It Take" from Mr. Soul of Jamaica by Alton Ellis 

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