December 7, 2010

Dear Politicians,

 Fuck you.

We elect you to represent us not to represent yourself exclusively. So when offered to continue the tax cuts of the top economic 2% of Americans, it just so happens that many of you (if not all) lie in that category. Now to benefit yourselves, logically you would vote to continue those tax cuts and add an addition $900 billion over the next two years to the national debt so you can save a few bucks that you don’t actually need. OR, you could do your jobs and represent the 98% of Americans who are losing jobs because you can’t keep your hands out of the government’s money.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about lobbyists. It’s no secret that lobbyists run Washington. And that’s because you let them. You don’t have to take their blood and oil-soaked checks that happen to bump you up into that 2% we were talking about earlier. Lets say that you didn’t take money from lobbyists, where would we be? Odds are, if you guys did what you said you would while campaigning, we would probably be a world power like we once were. However, now we’re just another poor, corrupt country to laugh at.

According to the latest news, the democrats haven’t yet signed the bill to keep this bullshit. But that’s just their way of saying, we’re holding out until the lobbyists give us more money to switch to the other side like we were going to anyway.

Yes, I voted for Obama (who apparently has a different definition of "change" than I do). Yes I’m a registered democrat, but I do not like being grouped in with the democratic party of today. When it comes down to it, is there really more than one party? To the public it feels like it’s the people vs. the government. The government, the ones with the power only look out for their own interests while the people, the powerless majority (an oxymoron?) have to bow down and worship your $1000 suits with the little American flag pin on your lapel to show your patriotism. Well guess what, in the previous few paragraphs I have exercised more of my rights and shown more true patriotism to this great country than you probably have in your time in office. 

Like my post earlier about Terriers, it’s looking a lot like it is all about the money. The rich want more and more and more, while the poor are tossed to the side. It feels like don’t care if the middle class is shrinking, you don’t care that the unemployment rate continues to rise and worst of all, you don’t care about what we, the people, have to say. This is no longer a democracy; no, we are so much closer to an authoritarian kleptocracy. So for all those tea-partiers out there claiming that Obama is a socialist and turning our country around in the wrong direction, well, it looks like he’s actually on your side and our country is turning into what you guys wanted—a country wilder than the west. A country where money buys power and those with power are hungry for more. There must be a limit to power but it looks like there’s no end in sight. Now that is a terrible way to run a nation.

Also, John Boehner I hope you get locked in your tanning bed and burn to death.

An ignored, fed-up and furious patriot

p.s. This letter is not directed at certain politicians, mainly you Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Former Congressman Alan Grayson. You guys have stood up for the people. I can only dream of a country run by people like you who put the American people in front of their own agenda.

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